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Venue Finding Top Ten Tips

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Event Venue Finding Agency
Conference Venue Finding Service

DFA is a Travel Industry Designator Accredited agency (TIDS) which lets us find you the best venue for your conference or event and gives us great buying power. This accreditation also gives us global identification and recognition which helps us to speed up your reservations and give you protection.

Here are Ten reasons to use a Venue Finding Service in the Future

· The DFA venue finding service is simple, stress-free and cost effective. It's also FREE.

· Venue finding companies have the experience and knowledge of lots of venues that are the most suitable venue or hotel for your requirements

· Using a venue finding company will save you time and money, we will take your brief and do all venue searching and negotiating for you.

· We have great buying power and because of our relationships with venues and hotels, we are often in a position to negotiate best deals.

· We can visit and assess venues on your behalf, this ensure's the venue is suitable for your needs.

· We also have the experience and technical understanding if you are considering holding a large event or conference

· We also can provide you will all your Health and Safely reports on the chosen venue that you maybe require for your event or conference

· We can also offer you help with delegate management, registration at your venue and any technical requirements you may have.

· You can also rely on us to help with delegate transportation and special requirements.

· Ask if the venue/hotel has at the same time any other events on the same day as yours. Consider the noise and also access, coffee/lunch breaks.

We can guarantee you a successful event anywhere you want it. Just ring 0800 644 0662 or email us now at to discover more.


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