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Years of understanding and experience in logistics gives the perfect end to end result

Roadshows can make good practical sense to a company with a large number of employees.


By taking your event to the audience, you’re demanding less of their time and effort. If the audience are your own people, you can also take them out of the business for shorter periods.

At DFA we understand taking shows on the road, and all the variables that come with it.

Different venues, transportation, access, technical, possibilities, limitations – every venue is different. 

Geography doesn't need to be a factor when it comes to meeting your staff, customers or business partners face-to-face.

Whatever your requirements, from a global tour to regional meetings, we have the experience and the know-how to design, manage and deliver every element of your roadshow.

If you really want to ensure your messages have hit home and motivate your staff and customers you have to meet them at their own location – and roadshows are the perfect vehicle.


We leave nothing to chance
Roadshow Event Management


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