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Event Management Apps and Technology

Conference Management Software
Conference Management Software

In a world increasingly dominated by mobile technology, where mobile devices are always at hand to enhance many of our everyday life’s experiences.

According to a report from Ofcom, 55% of mobile owners use their mobiles to visit social media networking sites or apps everyday.

When it comes to smartphones, apps are even more popular than other browsers for a whole range of activities, with 48% of people downloading apps on their mobile phone.

With more and more people downloading using apps, especially in a digitally-enabled city’s like London, New York, Frankfurt it’s not surprising to see apps specifically designed for the events and conference industry.

Event mobile apps are having a major impact on the event industry by bringing delegate's more central to proceedings and empowering them with a communication tool that they never had before. The initial technology was a bit clumsy although over the years it has been refined with developers successfully making the apps virtually glitch free.

If you would like to find out more about the above please following the link to

Attendees get more out of an event or conference the greater the success for both you and your client.

Event and conferencing apps have become a force not only to engage and empower the delegates but also look to improve using data and feedback.

The more you know about what delegates enjoyed and what they did not, the easier it is to plan better events in the future.

Event apps can be programmed into categories, based on your desired outcome, they can assist you and your delegates in the following areas:

Pushing event Information

Event registration


Sponsors and advertising


News sharing


Whether you are organising an internal or external event Including a mobile app into your event is a fantastic way of ensuring you achieve your goals.

Introducing an events app allows you to engage with your attendees long before and after the actual event or conference, Increasing interaction with an event app allows delegates to interaction from the very start.

From planning to scheduling their time spent at your event, to networking with other delegates and much more.

Event apps can deliver the personal touch to each delegate providing them with schedules, travel arrangements, timings, seating plans, hotel information so on.

Communicating your brand and idea’s directly with your delegates can never be a bad thing!

Branding, advertising and sponsorship, your delegates have your company logo and information on the screen of their computer, phone or tablet every time they login.

As well as increasing your own brand awareness this is also an opportunity to increase revenues through sponsorship and advertising on the app.

Real time content and data can be delivered to your attendee’s phones including updates and key messages during the event or conference.

Some apps will allow the audience to rate each session of your event, so when it finishes you know which speakers and which presentations were the most engaging. By having this information from your event, you are in a much better position to evaluate you event or conference.

Delegates feedback and surveys pre and post your event can help you to make sure that the event meets your delegates expectations providing you with feedback needed to improve your future events or conferences.

If you require more information about any of the points above or have a question about event management please do contact us and we will be delighted to help.



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