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Managing VIP's Expectations

Managing VIP's and Delegates

Exceeding your VIPs expectations

It’s very important to ensure every single attendee at your event or conference has a memorable, worthwhile and exciting experience. It is also important to appreciate that not every attendee is always equal.

For various reasons, some delegates maybe more important in the eyes of your business than others.

It’s therefore important to understand who these delegates/people are and give them the VIP treatment they may except. Its also very important to understand why these delegates are VIP’s so if asked you can interact with them understanding their businesses and needs.

Sponsors should also always get VIP treatment, as they are unsurprisingly very important to your conference or event and its continuing success in the future.

VIP treatment could include transport on arrival, a pre-event dinner and drinks, hotel room booked for overnight accommodation. It’s important to make the event experience for your VIPs as good as it possibly can be (whilst not compromising the other attendees experience).

Adding value

When it comes to creating a good first impression for attendees and others a little can go a long way. Indeed, it’s often the little things that can set your event apart from others.

Attention to the detail and looking to add value where possible can really enhance every attendee’s experience.

If you’re thinking of giving out gift bags for example, you could try personalising them for each delegate or company.

Make the effort to reach out to your exhibitors and vendors (not just your VIPs) by talking to them about their objectives and what they are hoping to get out of the event. The more you willing to help and listen to these people the more they will be willing to enter into a conversation about your business and products. 

Delegate registration

“Do you like queues” but at large events, exhibitions getting through the door can be a testing experience.

Most corporate events or expos don’t require attendees to turn up at a set time.

This usually means your delegates can enter your event at a steady rate, allowing your desk staff to get everyone registered, badged up and through the doors pretty smoothly.

Some events or conferences will experience lots of people turning up at once or in a very short space of time. This means inevitable queues as your staff struggle to get everyone registered and into your event.

Use more interactive modern online registration system is one of the best ways of mitigating against this eventuality.

Using a modern registration system also allows you to track your attendees as they come in and leave your event. First impressions count for a lot and long queues are an instant bad impression.

Keeping delegates Informed

It’s important that you give your delegates access to the information they need, when they need it.

Your event website should have a dedicated event page where people can download schedules, speakers, timings, sponsorship packs as well as get more information on the content and venue maps. It’s also important the website is kept up to date as soon as anything changes.

Be proactive in reaching out to your delegates, blogs and regular updates to social media with pictures and videos can help keep your event in the minds of your delegates.

Your online presence is important although being contactable by telephone and email is also important as people will have specific questions to ask.

Try to manage expectations, if you say you will respond to an email in 12 hours then you need to make sure you do this, as failing to keep to your promise will send out a very bad negative first message.

Keep it fresh and Interesting

Events or conferences are just collections of delegates and people that get bored with repetition and predictability very quickly. What was exciting to your attendees at one event might look very mundane at your event.

If you’re running a regular event, whatever its size it’s important to keep things fresh so no two events are the same.

This can become very difficult and good creative ideas are vital to ensure your delegates return to your event the following year.

It might be time to change your event management company looking for new fresh ideas!

Tried and tested ways of keeping events fresh and exciting include guest speakers, product giveaways and competitions, interactive media and activities.

Unlike other forms of communication, events aren’t just seen or heard, they are an experience created by YOU so create one that goes beyond expectations, that’s exciting and most of all rememberable!


Most event organisers are constantly looking for ways to improve however successful your event or conferences have been in the passed.

There will always be little things you could of improved and have done differently.

Key to this is collecting but also acting on feedback, getting feedback from delegates, sponsors and stakeholders can help you build up a picture of what you’re doing right, what you could improve on. Addressing these issues will not only improve your event it will be seen as by those who took the time to give you feedback in the first place as been proactive event organization.

Hope these points have help you.



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