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Organising a successful Awards Ceremony Top Tips

Updated: May 22, 2018

Organising a Awards Ceremony
Awards Ceremony

Here are a few top tips to organising a successful Awards ceremony.

This is the perfect opportunity to recognise your employee’s achievements.

An awards ceremony also serves to motivate staff and has overall far reaching benefits to organisations who are committed to employee engagement. What better incentive to a team member to see their fellow colleague recognised for giving that little bit extra?

As a creative events management company, we understand how much an awards ceremony can have such a positive impact on your brand and how it can leave a lasting impression on every team member. It can lead to promotion, being offered a role in another part of the business and gains the employee/team notoriety throughout the business as being ‘that special one/team’.


Planning an awards ceremony is a sufficiently large task, but with the right input, focus and meticulous planning you will most definitely reap the rewards.

We have devised a simple four point plan to help you produce the most memorable event.

TIP 1: Location is key

Choosing a venue is the number one important key factor to your event. Much research needs to be carried out, how many people will be attending, what is the theme? Where are people travelling from? The location should be easily accessible from major road networks, international airports and a train station. This is key.

Firstly, check your calendar to ensure that your event does not clash with any other major events in your industry, bank holidays or top Executives annual leave. Allow yourself a sufficiently long timeline and try to book as far in advance as you can.

Checking out multiple venues is always a must before committing to one. Whatever venues say on paper – check it out for yourself. Ask for the help of your production company who can take a look from an Audio Visual stance, and they can also carry out a health and safety risk assessment.

TIP 2: The Production

The production of an event is key to your event being a memorable success. You need the ‘wow’ factor. And with careful thought and planning this is easily created.

Never underestimate the part of the production should take in your budget. Production encompasses a large area of your event including set design, sound, video and lighting, it can be delegate management, food choices, bedroom allocations. The list is endless. Remember - the more planning and time invested in the production, the better the investment returns for your business.

Tip 3: Awards Host

Always pick someone appropriate and in keeping with your audience and business. Consider who is sitting in your audience and what you ideally want from your compere. You need someone engaging and light hearted who can make the ceremony flow seamlessly. Your audience needs to be engaged and they need to enjoy the awards ceremony. A Host can be a senior executive, comedian, or local celebrity. Whoever fits the bill best.

Tip 4: Entertainment

No-one wants to sit through a long evening of awards and speeches. If you want to speak to individuals at length and take pictures of your winners, do so afterwards – when the main ceremony is over, and the entertainment has commenced.

Don’t forget your guests have come to have a good time, network with colleagues and celebrate your business.  Therefore, think about how you can entertain everyone throughout the evening, including pre-dinner drinks and dinner. Do you have a band or a DJ? Or maybe a stand-up comedian?

If you require any more assistance why don't you take a look at our Event Management 10 Ten Tips


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