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Event Management Top Ten Tips

Our Top Ten Event Management Tips 

1.   Ask yourself the question why are we holding this event?

2.   If you believe you require the event what do you what to achieve?

3.   What will the content be, one very good area to start which is normally missed "(Ask the potential audience what they would like to get out of the conference/event".)

4.   Book the venue as early as possible this can save you a lot of time and money, ensure it has all the capabilities you require, (you can normally save money using a event booking agency but do you research)

I.        Number of bedrooms required; is the event room large enough not just to hold the audience but also set and staging?

II.        Is the ceiling height correct for the staging and screen and audience size?

III.        Ask for a CAD drawing from the venue of the event space giving you height and sizes of the room.

IV.        Has the room got 3 phase power and if so what voltage? (this is required for larger meetings)

V.        Is the room available for set up the day prior, (this is something vital and often overlooked)

VI.        How many breakout rooms do you require and where are they within the venue?

VII.        Road and rail networks to the venue and parking requirements?

VIII.        Has the venue got a Team building area if required?

5.   What are the key messages you would like to audience take away and most importantly REMEMBER? 

After years of research with differing audiences from staff, customers to senior board level members the number of messages that can be remembered from one initial meeting and acted positively on is approximately 6 -9.

“So ensure you keep these to a minimum and use repetition throughout the meeting"

Send the invitations out as early as possible giving the audience time to schedule in your event.  

Give the audience something to take away which emphasises the key areas of the meeting and action points (try to find something your team or customers will use within the day to day running of their own businesses) 

6.   The Conference/ Event needs to be exciting and informative not death by Powerpoint, this is your chance to motivate the audience and get them on your same wave length. This can only be achieved if you involve the audience and also take on board their points of view! If you are using PowerPoint use pictures and illustrations not just words and make sure all your presenters are externally well rehearsed and each is given a timed slot. 

7.   Videos can be a very powerful tool to use within any meeting or event, it highlights areas that speakers cannot cover and can add additional relevance to the presentation. You can also use video to explain technical issues and also ask staff and customers questions relating to the main conference key points – this then emphasises and empowers those areas. 

8.   The length of the conference/event is also over looked internally from most businesses who want to cram as much as possible into the day. Be careful an overloaded audience becomes bored, they move around on their seats, they start to switch off and all the good work you have put in starts to dissolve away. 

"Keep it exciting, informative, break up the day, use different tools to involve the audience - you need these people to act positively to your messages" 

9.   Using external speakers, when looking for an external speaker whether it be a motivational, business or sporting personality our suggestion is to ask if you can view a video or attend an event they are speaking at before you sign any contract.

Team building, you really need to know your audience, this does not suit everyone and activities differ massively, although get it right and you will achieve a passionate, positive response.

Interactive equipment. To get the most out of these tools you must do your homework on where and how you are going to use them and the information gathered. Your questions need to form part of the overall strategy and key points; the information needs to be cascaded down to the relevant people in a simplistic manner. There are a number of different tools in the market place, some of which are externally expensive and complex, if you are not using all the benefits and facilities some offer then use a simpler device and save time and money. 

10. I hope the above has helped, if you have covered off all the points you should be on your way to a successful meeting/event. If you feel you would like us to assist you on any of the above points or manage your event, conference or meeting then please contact us and we will be delighted to talk to you.

We are always here to help, so if you require any assistance with your next event please call us or email us on 0800 644 0662 or email


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