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Could Virtual Conference Training save your Business Time and Money? Would they work for YOU ?

Updated: May 14, 2018

Video Production Company
Peter Hansford- Chief Construction Adviser

Peter Hansford- Chief Construction Adviser

We are a Video Production Company, just completed the production of some brand new Virtual Conference Training Videos, focussing on key factors the client deemed necessary to be communicated. Our client was The Cabinet Office, who asked us to help put together a sequence of training modules regarding the implementation of Building Information Modelling, known as ‘BIM’, on behalf of the BIM Task Force. The challenge was to ensure the programmes didn’t last any longer than eight to ten minutes, the presenter needed to be positioned live on screen, and with the use of graphics to bring the modules to life.

These types of video modules can be used by a wide variety of companies – from Virtual Conference Training Programmes, Customer Support Aids, Skill-building, Product Demonstrations and Health and Safety videos.  They can all be downloaded to watch at leisure, and the viewer can pick and choose just one, or two – or watch all of them.  Using this method of communication ensures clear, concise messages with continuity are delivered which also importantly, drives down unnecessary costs for most businesses

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