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Video Productions events management

Video Productions

The Challenge: To produce 15 customer training films to communicate easily and succinctly what the customer should do in the event of a power cut.

The Solution: We devised and produced 15 individual videos to show different scenarios of what to do in the event of various faults, power cuts, intermittent issues. These reason for producing the videos was to try to lessen the number of people who were calling the call centres with issues which turned out to be totally unrelated to Northern Powergrid.  

DFA spent time with the communications team at Northern Powergrid gaining the understanding of the complexities of the various scenarios they were wanting to showcase and then spent several weeks shadowing and filming engineers and call centre staff, power stations and staged lifelike scenarios and then the solutions to each scenario.

The videos were uploaded to the website and played at exhibitions and conferences around the country.  The result was an upturn in customer satisfaction when contacting Northern Powergrid for assistance, without actually having to speak to the call centre. 

Video Productions events management
Video Productions events management
Northern Powergrid Training Video's 
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