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Managers Conference Event Management

 Managers Conference

Thorn Lighting

The Challenge: New Management Team

Thorn had been through a large management restructure and needed to get all the senior management and senior sales teams together to realign the business objectives and communicate the new visions and key messages.

The Solution: An informative motivational National Conference

We listened to what Thorn's requirements were from a communications perspective, then put together ideas and solutions which would actively communicate and realign the messages the management team needed to communicate to their colleagues.

We spoke before the event to staff and customers about their experiences of working with Thorn, we then filmed them giving their own personal points of view, giving them quality time in front of the management team without having to be on stage, which produced great results.

DFA found the suitable venue in Manchester organised and ran ‘Switch On’ breakout sessions, Everyone was unified, shared resources, ideas which resulted in a feeling of strong association with the company, the brand and each other.

We closed the event with an awards ceremony gala dinner and team building activities.

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