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Managers Conference

The Challenge: To bring together a national management team

​Freedom Utilities had undergone considerable change over the preceding eighteen months.

They needed to ensure that all the management team and a number of the key sales people had an understanding of why the change had taken place and the direction the newly aligned company was taking in the future.

The Solution:One  Freedom One Team

​DFA devised and produced a creative theme and named it ‘One Freedom, One Team’ to help ensure the delegates understood the business’s service offering, with the intention of everyone being able to cross sell between every area of the business. 

Market stalls for each area of the business service offering were designed and erected around the conference space and all the delegates participated in short information gathering exercises.

Interactive iPads were used and a short video was produced of the various team building exercises, also incorporating staff feedback and thoughts to the day and what they thought they had gained from it. ​

The result: Increase in sales and service offering

Freedom saw a marked increase in performance within the first quarter and a much more enhanced use of cross selling the different services offered by the overall business.  

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