Our Events and Videos inform, inspire, entertain and win global awards.

Our speciality: leadership and management events engage your staff emotionally but also importantly with your strategy, we are experts at helping national and International businesses get their messages across during times of change, challenge and growth.

You may have a new CEO who needs to make their mark on the organisation.

Perhaps you're facing a challenging market or you need to build on recent successes.

DFA will help you to engage your staff emotionally and make sure your managers leave remembering the key messages, inspired and eager to deliver.

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Videos are a great tool for you to get those important messages across. Whether you're addressing a room full of people or a team spread across the globe.

A well produced video can give your message's real impact, leaving your people in no doubt as to what the messages are and what they need to do!

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From exciting event openers, training programmes, monthly magazines, webcast based programmes, through to health and safety videos.

Our videos will connect the viewer with your message – whatever that message may be. We've got a great team of directors, editors and cameramen here to help you.

Call us on: 0800 644 0662 or E-mail us at: thespark@dfaproductions.co.uk