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Media Training: Interview, Presentation & Speaker Preparation

Presentations and Speaker you need training in presenting to the media?

A poorly executed interview or dull live presentation can have devastating consequences for corporate executives and organisations they represent.

Within today's business environment, knowing how to deliver your memorable media messages in an informative and exciting live presentation are critical components for corporate leaders.

For most executives, preparing and delivering powerful speeches or presentations for the media is just as important as delivering other corporate messages. Training courses for the media help speakers at all levels of experience master the organisational techniques and physical skills required to prepare and deliver effective, exciting speeches and impactful visual presentations.

Getting an audience to pay attention to what you say, remember and act on it is not something professional communicators leave to chance!

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Typical approaches to executive training include filming the practice sessions and individual critiques to help prepare executives to deliver key messages in a wide variety of situations.

In addition to helping executives feel more comfortable on camera, the best media training always stresses the importance of organising your facts, understanding your target audiences, anticipating difficult questions, focusing on strategic objectives, and framing your key points.

Live presentation training; media interview training, transforming what are often daunting challenges into valuable opportunities.

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