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Great leadership communication doesn't just happen, you know. We know exactly what we're doing and why we're doing it.

Damon Fowler

Damon Fowler found his passion for events at a very young age working for Belron an international automotive business managing and producing events around the globe.

He founded DFA back in 2000 and has had the privilege of extending his knowledge working with some of the biggest and brightest blue chip businesses around the world.

He has also pulled together a passionate and experienced team helping businesses to communicate in an effective, motivational and disciplined approach. His ability to understand what you are trying to communicate then finding a creative approach to engage the audience has created fantastic results contributing financially to each business. He also guided his team to win the coveted IVCA award, the industry's 'Oscars' for creative ideas and event management skills.

Talk to Damon about his experience in helping companies meet difficult communication challenges from introducing a new CEO or management teams to implementing mergers and product launches.

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The DFA Productions team

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More about us

Oliver Renton - Account Handler & Head of Production

Oliver began his career working for a Design and PR Agency where he became Account Manager for one of the country's leading house builders. Oliver then went onto a FTSE 100 company to work in-house as part of the Corporate Communications team. Oliver joined DFA Productions in 2006 with ultimate responsibility for client handling and for the production and rollout of live events.

Stephanie Hammond - Event Manager

Professionally trained with a passion for delivering the highest standards, Stephanie has managed a broad spectrum of projects. With a wealth of experience and an exceptional passion for her job, Stephanie is highly regarded in the industry for her detailed knowledge of venue finding and travel.

Colin Scott - Event Manager and technician

Colin has worked in the industry for many years and has gained extensive experience and technical knowledge in running live events. He has worked with many high profile clients across most industries, as well as for smaller private clients. Colin's ability to view venues and design your set, staging and all the technical requirements is second to none.

Amy Smart - Event Manager and Video producer

Amy has worked for many high profile clients with big expectations, Amy brought with her skills such as great time management, budget management, marketing experience and an ability to engage with people with complete ease. Amy also works closely with the account manager ensuring your production runs without a hitch.

Kelly Reed - Administration

Kelly is responsible for our day to day administration, booking film crews, organising meetings and logistics. Kelly compiles research into venues, travel arrangements and researches media coverage and footage on behalf of our clients.