Case Studies

Terminal 23D Model of Terminal 2

Balfour Beatty / BAA Terminal Two at Heathrow Airport

The Challenge: To show how BIM 4D planning has been used in building part of Terminal 2 (known as 'T2B')

Balfour Beatty was awarded the contract to build part of the new Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport. They were keen to showcase their 4D planning process and how it is being implemented in the build by way of a video.

The Solution: A video encompassing live footage, graphics and the 4D process

DFA spent a day air-side at Heathrow airport – in the hub of the building activity. Filming construction workers on-site taking direction from site Managers, utilising the 4D process in each and every area of the construction process. This video footage was then edited together with 3D and 4D animations to effectively show the start of the building process through to the animated final look and feel of the completed project.

Balfour Beatty Case Study - Key Note SpeakerBalfour Beatty Case Study - Conference Set Up

Balfour Beatty BIM Managers Conference

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The Challenge: To showcase the technical benefits of Building Information Modelling (BIM) usage of 4D

As a Business, Balfour Beatty is extremely proud of their technical capability and are at the forefront in the industry with the usage of 4D modelling throughout the whole of the building process.

The Solution: Two day interactive conference and training event

DFA took the brief to hold an informative, yet interactive and enjoyable event – bringing many Senior Manager's together under one roof to learn about the benefits of BIM and 4D planning. The solution was to hold an event with easy logistical access, over two days – the first day being a conference and the second being a day of 14 interactive workshops – each repeated three times during the day. In total 42 workshops were held in just the one day! This ensured that each of the 175 attendees were able to attend as many of these informative sessions as possible.

The Honey MonsterProvena Filming

Raisio plc - Home of The Honey Monster Brand!

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The Challenge: Video Production for Internal International Employees

Two years ago Raisio plc, a highly successful food manufacturing firm from Finland bought a UK health food and confectionery manufacturing company based in the North of England. This then led to Raisio's ultimate acquisition of Honey Monster Foods just outside London – home of the infamous Honey Monster! The task was to produce a film to show to all internal employees across the UK and Finland who Raisio was – and where their own place of work within the new business fitted into the 'big picture' going forward.

The Solution: An informative film telling the Raisio story from its inception to present day, showing its growth through acquisition.

The film involved researching and scripting the history of Raisio, from its inception in 1939, showing footage of classic photographs from the original mills to filming manufacturing sites since acquired up to the present day. The voice-over told the story, accompanied with footage we shot in Finland and in the UK – showing all areas of focus of manufacturing from healthy snack bars, cereals and another area of the business, a well known confectionery brand – Foxs of Leicester. We also shot film around the offices, people on the factory shop floors to packers and people in distribution warehouses. The whole intention of the film was to create a 'feel good' factor giving viewers the feeling of being part of a large, successful team and having an individual worth to this successful, expanding European company.

Llloys Banking Group Header 1Llloys Banking Group Header 2

Lloyds Banking Group

The Challenge: New channels of communication across the country

As a Business, the Lloyds Banking Group decided to look at new channels of communication to help them reach colleagues across the country on a monthly and quarterly basis.

The Solution: Monthly and Quarterly video programmes

Designing and producing individual video programmes keeping the Lloyds/Halifax vision and values but incorporating into each programme new messages ensuring that each one would have a different visual feel. This was achieved with a cost effective opening graphic sequence that identifies the title programme but also allowing changes to the design depicting each programme’s key message.

Thorn Lighting Header 1Thorn Lighting Header 2

Thorn Lighting

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The Challenge: New Management Team

Thorn had been through a large management restructure and needed to get all the senior management and senior sales teams together to realign the business objectives and communicate the new visions and key messages.

The Solution: An informative motivational National Conference.

We listened to what Thorn's requirements were from a communications perspective, then put together ideas and solutions which would actively communicate and realign the messages the management team needed to communicate to their colleagues. We spoke before the event to staff and customers about their experiences of working with Thorn, we then filmed them giving their own personal points of view, giving them quality time in front of the management team without having to be on stage, which produced great results.

DFA organised and ran ‘Switch On’ breakout sessions, Everyone was unified, shared resources, ideas which resulted in a feeling of strong association with the company, the brand and each other.

We closed the event with an awards ceremony gala dinner and team building activities.

Hagemeyer/Rexel Header 1Hagemeyer/Rexel Header 2


The Challenge: To re-energise group companies and strengthen market confidence

Rexel/Hagemeyer is a £500 million company with a number of operating arms within the UK. Our task was to devise and execute a series of internal and external communications strategies for the company.

This included Senior Management Conferences, Supplier Forum, annual Sales Conferences, internal video programmes and a road show for over 2000+ staff.

The Solution: ‘It's Not Rocket Science’

To give each event an exciting and memorable hook we developed a space-age creative theme 'to launch' the new management structure and branding of the company that could run across all the conferences, as well as roll-out to the nationwide Road Show events.

The Creative Angle: Speaker support and video modules

A dramatic opening and closing video module was written and produced combining live action rocket launch footage, music, narration and specially created graphics. The graphic elements were also incorporated into the event invitations as well as the speaker support material.

OSRAM Header 1OSRAM Header 2


The Challenge: to move Osram up to the next level of internal communications

OSRAM is a main player in the lighting industry with a great track record and a motivated sales force. The challenge was to help them become even more successful. DFA identified an area of internal communication that had so far been largely untapped by OSRAM – the management conference.

The Solution: The Big Switch

We devised and produced a creative theme and named it ‘The Big Switch’. This was based on the environment and sustainability, and the fact that the EU were bringing in new guide lines and laws which would affect every person within OSRAM. The staging was made into an impressive floating iceberg which set the scene for the conference and the agenda. Effective and imaginative lighting was projected onto the stage to create a melting ice cap. A powerful and informative opening video module was played outlining the bare facts of global warming and the harm we as humans have on the planet.

The result: An immediate increase in sales

OSRAM had never before experienced such an instant uplift in employee morale, retention and sales as they did in the weeks immediately following this event. A highly skilled workforce of head office staff, senior managers and sales force personnel all reported a marked increase in performance and are already looking forward to planning next year’s conference with military precision.

Premier Farnell Header 1Premier Farnell Header 2

Premier Farnell

The Challenge: To communicate the re-brand

Following the merger of two leading electrical businesses, a communications strategy was needed to explain the merger to senior staff of both firms as well as launch the new brand identity of the business.

The Solution: A joint management conference

A conference was organised for each company to run in tandem at the same venue on the same day and at the same time. Employees of each company were taken through the reasoning behind the merger and the name change and also made aware of the new company's strategy for the next 12 months.

The Creative Angle: ‘Two Into One Will Go’

The dividing wall which separated the two conference rooms at the start of the event was removed during the coffee break so that employees returned to one big room, and one new, bigger company. The room, like the company, had been re-branded with the new name - Farnell.

Eight Road Show presentations made over eight consecutive days completed the re-branding communications strategy to the rest of the 3500 workforce.